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Post by Almighty Chuck Norris on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:38 pm


The concept is simple. Mafiais a forum-based game typically composed of 10-15 members. In the game there are two sides: the humans and the wolves. The point of the game is for either 1: The humans kill off all of the wolves, or 2: The wolves get the number of humans equal to them. (If three humans and three wolves remain, the wolves win.)


Humans usually do not know the roles of other humans, or anyone for that matter. Their objective is to kill all of the wolves in the game. To keep games balanced, there will ALWAYS be more humans that wolves, unless a special occasion happens. (I'm sure someone can think of something). The human team is usually represented by the colorsgreen (Normal humans/Powerless humans) and blue (Special humans). Special humans, aka, the "Blues" each have a special ability. This power varies to what role the blue is.

Wolves/Mafia (Represented by the color red) on the other hand almost always know the roles of the other wolves. Their objective is to get rid of humans and eventually make the number of humans less than or equal to the number of remaining wolves.


There are two phases: A day phase and a night phase.

The Night Phase starts the game. In this phase, wolves send the host a PM with the name of a player they would like to kill. (Commonly referred to as being wolfed). Also, the blues PM the host to use their powers respectively.

The Day Phase is when most of the debating and heat takes place. This is because everyone votes for a member to be lynched. During the day phase, everyone (Including the wolves) individually votes for a person to be killed off by bolding that person's name somewhere in their post. People come up with theories and evidence against other to sway the votes from one person to another. At the end of the day phase, the host tallies up the votes, and whoever has the most votes is killed. If someone does not vote, then they get a phantom vote. A phantom vote counts as .01 of a vote. Therefore, if someone in the next day phase votes for that person, they have 1.01 votes. Two phantom votes is equals 1.01 votes and 3 phantoms means you are kicked from the game. If there is a substitute available, they take over the kicked person's position. (Their phantom votes remain, though.) Also, if two or more people have the same amout of votes at the end of the day phase, a Knife in the Box (KitB), also known as "Kick in the Balls" (Thank you Kooks) occurs. In this case, the names of those tied in votes will be placed in the Random List Organizer tool on The name that comes up first on the list is the one to be lynched. There is also a situation called an Insta-Lynch, aka an "Insta" or commonly referred to by the host as an "I-I-I-INSTAAAAAA". This happens when one person has more than half of the votes to be lynched. When this happens, the person will be immediately lynched, and the day phase will end early. No Phantom Votes will be awarded to those who do not vote when this happens.


Almost every rule has a consequence. BE ON YOUR TOES.

1. DO NOT edit/delete ANY of your posts made in the official game thread under ANY circumstance. ( Mods and Admins, that goes for you, too. Do not edit any member's post. Please consult with the game's official host before doing so. If the post breaks any of the official rules, you MAY edit or delete their post(s). Please tell the game's official host after doing so.)

*An offense results in one Phantom Vote for that player.


3. During the day phase, you must bold your votes for whomever you wish to lynch. This makes it easier for the host to tally the votes.

*If your vote isn't bolded, it doesn't count.

4. You are allowed to change your votes as many times as you'd like when deciding to lynch someone in the day phase. On the other hand, wolves are normally only allowed one PM to decide who they would like to wolf, though it is the host's choice whether or not to allow a re-wolfing as long as it is still the Night Phase in question.

5. Any player who doesn't vote gets a phantom vote, as explained in the "PHASES" section of this thread. (If there is an insta this rule is ignored.)

*Players with three phantom votes will be kicked from the game and will recieve a 1 game ban.

6. The host holds the right to kick anyone who he/she sees is not fit to play the game.

7. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE ANY CONVERSATIONS YOU'VE HAD WITH THE HOST. THIS INCLUDES ROLE PMs. The one time where this rule does not apply is if a player asked a clarifying question about one of the game's functions for the better understanding of the game, though not to give either side an advantage.

*All offenses will result in a 2 game ban.

8. You are allowed to create fake IMs Logs (NOT fake accounts) with other players. It IS against the rules to create fake IMs with the host.

*An offense will result in a game kick.

9. Do NOT ask the host about who has what roles or try to give any unfair information (example: roles in a Mystery Game).

*All offenses will give you 1 Phantom Vote, though serious offences are subject to punishment on the choice of TWC.

10. Do not complain if you're not the role you wanted, the MIP, or the MVP. Suck it up.

11. The Admins holds the right to change/add rules or deal punishments as appropriate. Please respect the People who know what they're doing.

*Results in a game kick.

12. If you are killed in the game, you may not pass any information about the game after you are killed.

*2 game ban is awarded to the player who breaks this rule.

13. Obviously, unless you're in the current game, don't post.

*Your post will be deleted, and multiple offenses may result in a game ban as The Olfway sees fit, or a referral to an Admin or Mod.

14. One death post if you haved died at night only. NO info may be passed.

*You're post will be deleted, and multiple offences may result in a game ban as The admins sees fit.

15. Imitating another player (dead or alive) through a fake nickname is cheating.

*You will recieve two game bans.

16. No player, under ANY circumstances, is allowed a free passage into a future game. Not if they are killed night 1, not if they are the MVP of the previous game, not if they hosted the previous game. You must sign up in the Game Signups as everyone else. Hosts are allowed to set specific times when the players are able to sign up.


18. Having two accounts signed up for one game is cheating. DO NOT DO IT.

*You will be perma-banned.

19. Two members under the same IP adress MAY NOT play the same game, unless approved by the admins. Please refer to the bottom of the page for the list of players that have the same IP, but are allowed to play in the same game.

*Both will be kicked from the game and will recieve a 3 game-ban.

20. A topic related to a current game may only be posted by the host of that game. Any form of hosting topic may only be created by a member of TWC or a Admin/Mod.

*You will get a recieve a game ban.

21. If a staff member notices that a player has signed up for a game, but is not participating and no reason is given for it, they have the right to send them a PM telling them to participate, as games suffer when a player joins but doesn't play. If the player continues to be inactive (in the same game), a staff member has the right to give them a warning, telling them that if they do not participate or give a reasonable excuse as to why they are not playing, they will recieve a game ban. If a staff member continues to see that the player is inactive after two warnings, they will be given a one game-ban.

Reasonable Excuses are:

-Lack of time (to an extent)

-Not being able to get on the internet or computer due to UNFORSEEN resons.

Excuses that are not reasonable are:

-"I don't like my role"

-"I don't feel like playing"

-"I joined, but got bored"

*As stated, full violators will recieve a game-ban. Repeated offences, though, even by reasonable excuse, may result in a game ban as the staff sees fit.

22. All players are expected to behave in a respectful manor to the other players and the host. If a player causes trouble, antagonizes another member, or verbally attacks another member, they will receive a warning from a staff member or host. If they have a second offense (in any game), they will receive a one game-ban. Mafia is NOT the place for petty (or serious for that matter) bickering.

*As stated, full violators will recieve a one game-ban or a referral to an admin or mod.

23. One is only eligible to host a game if they meet two requirments: 1) They are on the list of Approved Hosts, and 2) The game has been approved by at least one staff member.

*Unapproved games or hosts will be ignored.

24. There is absolutely no talking about an ongoing game allowed with a player has been eliminated via lynching, wolfing, ect. No exceptions will be made to this rule. While staff has no methods of ensuring this is followed, if it is discovered that this rule is broken on a regular basis, staff will take action against violators.

*Staff reserves the right to take whatever action they see fit against violators.

25. Under no circumstances is one allowed to talk about the game with their partners, or any other player for that matter, before the actual game thread goes up. If you are caught, you will be warned, but if it continues to happen, a punishment will be implemented.

26. Standard Rules are expected to be followed at all times. The regular punishments apply.


Saftey Vote - A placeholder vote for a playing member that has no possible chance of being lynched that night.

Vigi'd -Eliminated from game by vigilante.

Ducky - Substitute for an explicit word.

Bandwagon - Several members tagging along and voting for the same person with little or no basis on why.

Kick in the Balls - AKA a knife in the box. Happens when 2 members have the same amount of votes.

Wolf'd - Eliminated from the game by the wolves.

Lynched - Eliminated from the game by a vote tally in the Day Phase.

The Seizure Man Factor - Lynching someone because they tried to form some sort of alliance.

The Curse of VGKoopa - Getting out of a lynching or Phantom vote, but dying anyway because of the Brutal Wolf in the same phase.

Liggy'd: Bandwagon lynch'd because of safeties

Hosting Qualifications

To host a game, you must meet the following qualifications:

1. You must have participated in at least three Games.

2. You must demonstrate knowledge and proficiency within the workings of the game. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to be an outstanding player, but a host must know how the roles work and generally how to create a balanced staff. Staff is here to help with the later, but only if the game is passable to start with: If a great deal of things need to be changed, the game will not be accepted.

3. You must be an active member of the community. Inactive members will require a full consensus of the staff in order to host, even if they have shown proficiency in the past. Inactivity kills the cat, even more so if the HOST can't even bring themselves to update.

4. Even if you are qualified to host, you must have your game approved and looked over by at least two staff members before entering it into a hosting ballot. If we don't respond, PM it to us again. I repeat, it must be approved by at least 2 staff Members.

Wow Chuck, complete lack of editing on your part.
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