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Post by Olfway on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:00 pm

Rules And Regulations

General Rules
Your opinions can be stated as long unless it is non-tolerable.
We suggest being an active poster, and but not spamming.
Posting in the correct forums, if you accidentally post in the wrong one PM a global moderator.
Having all words in your post with capital letters may seem offensive, Don't use CAPS in your post, it could look offensive
Help out rather than verbally abuse people.
Respect decisions of the staff, as they are final.
If you have a problem with another member, PM a staff member, and they'll deal with it.
There is no reason to have more than 1 account. Be prepared to have your secondary deleted or banned.

Moderation rules
To become a moderator, show us you're worthy of being a moderator.
And there's such a thing as a balance between users and mods.

Avatar Rules

Its size cannot be greater than 100x100 pixels (height x width).
If found to be offensive by a staff member, they may remove it without notice.
Advertising of any kind through your avatar is never permitted.
Any form of Nudity is prohibited.

Signature Rules

If images are found to be offensive by a staff member, they may remove it without notice.
No page scrolling signatures. They're annoying and everyone hates them.
You can only advertise in your signature with permission from a staff member.

Posting Rules

Do not post hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools, or virus development tools.
Do not post any message that is obscene, vulgar, homophobic, hateful, racist, threatening or that may violate any laws.
Non-informational posts on topics which ask a question are not wanted.
Spamming out of the Random Spam forum is disallowed.
Always add a valid links.
Do not finish someone's request when others are trying to, you give them no confidence. Wait 12 hours, and then you may post it.
No trading or selling accounts or money.
Un-parliamentary language should not be used. (Let's keep this rated T please.)
Reply with something sensible and relevant to the topic.
Starting a thread about post count celebrations is only allowed when a member has reached the following numbers:

500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 10000, 15000, 20000

Do not double post in any topic except in Random Spam or Mafia games.
Posting in topics that have been dead for one week will cause a warning, in any forum other than the Request forums and Random Spam.
Do not write where your message has been sent from.
Posts which contain one word are not allowed.

Warning System

A maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member of this forum, these can be earned by breaking any of the above rules. After the third warning your account will be banned. Depending on the severity of the reason of the warnings, it may be a temporary ban.
Ways to get a WARNING or a BAN

Arguing with a mod or admin. They have the warning and ban buttons, you don't.
Reposts will receive a warning, then a infraction.
Double-posts will receive a warning, then a infraction. (EXCEPT IN RANDOM SPAM)
Posting or sending privates messages containing porn content if found, you will be banned immediately.
Excessive swearing will receive a warning, then a infraction.
Requesting hacking/cracking/phreaking/flooding/spamming utilities will have you banned immediately.
Advertising other forums/websites will have your permissions removed.
Spamming via PM will have your permissions removed.

Results Of Breakage

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the reduction of your post count, use of the mingertron (change of avatar/signature and access limits), or in extreme circumstances, a permanent ban. In circumstances where an intentional or malicious attack is made on the forum or any user we reserve the right to publish IP addresses and other information that will identify the source.

New rules may be added at any time. Please read the rules very carefully and always keep yourself updated as violations may lead to a ban.


1.NO FLAMING/BLATANT INSULTS: Most importantly of all, show respect, not just to the staff, but to other forumers. However, as a corollary, be aware that joking and sarcasm are very frequent on the internet, and that you should never take insults (or flames, as they are often called) on the internet very seriously anyway. It tends to escalate problems if you act insolently toward people who are just joking around, or trying to get a rise out of you.

2.NO ILLEGAL CONTENT: This one should really be a given, and should also require no explanation, but for the purposes of clarity: Don't post any of the content that was discussed in that agreement you made before you registered, and remember that while emulators (programs used to simulate video game consoles) are technically legal, ROMs (the actual games themselves, used in emulators) are not, so don't link to sites that carry both or the latter.

3. FOLLOW BASIC FORUM ETIQUETTE: This is technically several rules, rolled into one.

First of all, don't make a meaningless post in a very old topic, which is referred to as "bumping". Generally, if a topic is more than a week or two old, if you want to post to it again, make your post more than just an agreement to the previous post. Add something to the discussion.
For that matter, try to never make meaningless posts. Forums thrive on lively discussion and debate, and one-word posts very seldom allow such things to happen.
Avoid double-posting, i.e. posting to a topic more than once directly in a row. There's a button that should appear on all of your posts (it looks like three colourful shapes), and you can use that to edit a new message into that post rather than making a new one.
Make a decent effort to make your posts legible. By no means are we asking for perfection in your grammar and spelling, but it's always a good idea to proofread your posts. On the internet, you have the option of keeping your appearance a secret, but first impressions will still be made by the way you present yourself through your typing. Keep it in mind!

4. NO BACKSEAT MODDING: The moderators here are more than capable of doing their jobs, so it's best not to go around attempting to reprimand people for breaking the rules. Telling people not to double post or spam can be handled more readily by someone with the ability to actually enforce the rules. Note that there is a distinct difference between backseat modding and giving advice. An offhand reminder to someone to improve their grammar or spelling (or discussing why they should) is fine, as long as you stick to the overall topic at hand. Devoting an entire post to inform someone of a rule-breaking, though, is not.

5. NO ALTS:Alternate accounts being used simultaneously, or "Alts", should be used very sparingly, if at all, and there are very few circumstances in which we will allow them to be used (for example, one computer being used by multiple people, which is fine). These can become very confusing, and are ultimately more hassle than they're worth.

6. NO CENSOR BYPASSING: Don't stick a symbol like * in the middle of a swear so that it isn't censored. The word censors are present for a reason. Regardless as to anyone's opinion on the existence of "bad language", it's important for us to maintain as family-friendly a demeanor as possible.

As of now I don't believe anything is censored and this is a rated-t site.


Be Polite - If you can't be respectful of other members, at least be courteous. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Use Search - It's your friend, and it's in the upper-right corner of the forum.
Use the Report Feature - If you see a rule violation, this lets the staff know to look at the thread/post and determine the best action.
Stay on Topic - Don't derail threads with your own conversation.
Think Before you Post - Sensible, well-thought-out, legible posts are easier to understand.

Spam - TL;DR, +/-1, one word/letter responses, imageposts, doubleposts, etc.
Post Redundant Threads - Be aware of other threads in the forum, and don't duplicate (see "Use Seach" above).
Bump Threads - Do not bump your own threads to get more replies or older threads that have dropped off unless there is significant new information to add. Necrothreadia is preventable disease: let the dead lie.
Post ban lists - This can lead to innocent people being banned from the servers.
Troll/Flame - See "Be Polite" above. Insulting and baiting will not be tolerated.
Create Multiple Accounts - If you have a good reason for having a clone account, contact a staff member first.
Advertise - You can have a link to your personal (non-commercial) site in your signature, but links promoting outside websites or merchandise will be removed.

Post Illegal Activity:
- Anything referring to hacks;
- Any link or reference to third-party clients or game interfaces;
- Any material that is the work of another individual but is being represented as original. Permission must be obtained from the original creator, and due credit must be given, before including any element of that creator's work.
Abuse a Member's Personal Safety:
- Swearing at a member; this can lead them to "accidentally" report you and you may not be seen again.
- Any offensive, pornographic, or obscene material;
- Overt sexually loaded comments or content;
- Discrimination against the age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation of another member.
Spread Hate Speech:
- The use of slurs of any kind;
- Derogatory statements about social groups, including but not limited to age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexuality;
- Promoting or expressing support for hate groups and terrorist organizations;
- Posting messages deliberately to offend or upset members of a social group (For example, posting images of Muhammed in a thread full of Muslims)

Staff - The administrators and moderators are responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the site. The staff reserves the right to take whatever action is deemed appropriate in any given situation, regardless of whether there is a specific rule covering that situation or not. If there is a misunderstanding or dispute, then please bring the issue up politely with that staff member in private. In all matters, the decision of the administration is final.

Thank you,
The Management

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