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Post by Almighty Chuck Norris on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:39 pm

Normal Humans

Weakling: Dies if Targeted
Loose Cannon: Kills whoever targets him
Mason: Knows the other masons
Dream Eater: If seered, the seer loses his power
Sheep: Can only vote for someone who already has a vote
Environmentalist: As long as this person is alive, any items that are unused and belong to a person who dies will transfer to a random player
Bus Driver: Can switch two people so that actions that hit person A hit person B instead

Herring: Human who is seered blue.
Miller: Human who is seered red
Millwrite: Human who is seered orange

Special Humans

Seer: Detects the color of a player each night
Drunken Seer: Gets random results when he seers.  Thinks he is the real seer.
Painter: Picks a player and a color.  That night that player will be seered that color
Guardian: Protects a player from death each night
Bulletproof: Can't die at night
Roleblocker: Prevents someone's role from working
Charismatic Human: Human with Two votes
Influential Human: Chooses a person who can't be lynched on the next day.
Coroner: Discovers a player's color upon death.
Item Forger: Makes items, normally can't use them
Medium: Can give the host questions to ask to dead people.
Vigilante: Kills people at night.
Skitzo: Chooses a person and a random action occurs


Shaman: Can discover the color of a player each night
Brutal Wolf: Kills a random person who voted for him upon death, or the Vigi
Charismatic Wolf: Gets two votes
Influential Wolf: Chooses a person who can't be lynched the next day
Blacksmith: Can create items
Vigibanewolf: Can't be Vigi'd
Mafia Roleblocker: Blocks someone's actions from working each night
Master Wolf: Wolf seered Green


Human Aligned

Mason King: Is a mason and vote counts as two
Ballot Rigger: Each night can chose a person who won't get a vote the next day.  Normally a Loner
Human Spy: Learns the color of the person the wolves seered.  Also learns which player was killed by a wolf and which by a Vigi
President: Has many different, single use powers
Theif: Steals items

Mafia Aligned

Doppelganger: Picks a player and permantly gains that player's power.  Can't be used on wolves.
Wolf Thief: Steals items
Wolf spy: Wolf seered orange
Wolf Super spy: Is seered orange and immune to Vigis
Traitor: A normal human who wins with the wolves.


Spiritual Good Guys

Oracle: When it dies, reveals the role of a random player to the thread
Healer of Light: Revives a person during the daytime
Healer of Darkness: Revives a person at night
Angel: 24 hours after death revives any player but itself
Reaper: Has one vigi kill to use at any point in the game, even after he dies.  Can't be blocked.


Loner: Wins by surviving until the end of the game
Super Loner in the box: Same as loner, but everyone else loses if he wins
Lovers: 2 players.  If one dies, so does the other.  Wins by surviving
Cupid: Picks to players to become lovers on night one.  Wins if they both survive
Serial Killler: Loner with Vigi powers
Terrorist: Picks two consecutive players to blow up and will also kill itself.  Wins if everyone dies
Jester: Wins by being lynched
Alien: Once attacked, becomes activated then wins by being lynched and ends the game
Cult Leader: Picks a human each night to join his cult.  Dies if he attempt to recruit Mafia.  Wins by killing all non-cultists.  If the cult leader is dead, no more people can join the cult.
Bounty Hunter: Has 2 vigi kills, wins by eliminating the goblins
Goblins: The alive goblins serve as a mason group and always have 3 votes equally distributed between them.  Win by surviving
Deity: Leader of Angels
Demon King: Leader of Demons

If you are unsure about a role, PM an admin.

Olfway: Yay, updated, but now I need to find an item list to use
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