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Post by Almighty Chuck Norris on Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:52 pm

The Werewolf Game (often abbreviated TWG) is a bluffing and detection game which pits an informed minority (the wolves) against an uninformed majority (the humans). The game is played in a single thread and it cycles through day and night “phases”, which last a day or two each. People who play the game are assigned a “role” at the beginning which determines which team they are on. If they are a wolf, they will know the identity of the other wolves and agree on who to kill each night phase. If they are a human, they will not know anybody, and each day phase they will all vote on who they think should be lynched. But be warned – the wolves will be voting each day phase as well.

It appears a very straightforward humans versus wolves battle until you realize that the humans don’t know who anybody is. They don’t know who to trust. They have to use their wits to determine who is a wolf, and who they should vote for. Instant Messenger interrogations take place, with high-speed questions from high-strung humans. People form and break alliances, while the wolves lie, scheme, attempt to frame those who are innocent, and murder the humans suspicious of them.

The game ends when the humans have lynched all the wolves (human victory), or when the number of wolves equals the number of humans (wolf victory).

How It’s Played
After the host and game are chosen, a sign-up thread will be made. This is where you will sign-up to play the game. You simply have to post something along the lines of “Let me in.”, “I wanna play.” or even “In.”, and the host will add you to the roster. Note that only a limited number of people are allowed to play each game, as determined by the game itself.

Once the game’s roster is filled, the sign-up thread will close, and each player will be sent their randomly-assigned “Role PM” by the host. This tells you your specific role, human or wolf. If you are a wolf, the role PM will also contain the names of the other wolves. Soon after the role PMs are sent, the game thread will be made, and the game will start at last.

The game opens with a night phase, generally lasting for about a day (how long it actually lasts is up to the host). During this time, people can discuss possible strategies, but for it’s generally a pretty quiet phase. The wolves will PM each other about who they want to kill. Once they agree on who they want to kill, they will send the name of that person to the host, in a PM. That player dies when night ends, and the host tells the thread that it is now day phase.

Day phase is a lot more exciting than night phase. All the players will discuss who they find suspicious (but the wolves will be lying!). Eventually, some of them will vote. To vote, you simply bold the name of the player you want lynched in your post. You can change your vote as many times as you want, but you may not retract it, or vote for yourself. Additionally, if you fail to vote during a day phase, you will receive a "phantom vote". These are explained with more detail in the TWG Rules topic, but in short they are bad. When day phase ends, the votes are tallied and the person with the highest number of votes dies, and night phase 2 begins. If two people end up with the same number of votes, a “Knife in the Box” occurs, and one of them is randomly selected to be lynched. Finally, if any one player receives more than half of the possible votes, an "Instant Kill" (or Insta) occurs, and that player instantly dies, and night phase begins.

This night and day cycle repeats itself until either all of the wolves have been killed (human victory) or the number of humans equals the number of wolves (wolf victory).

Special Roles
In most games, there are more than just wolves and humans. There are Special Roles. Here are a few examples:

Guardian - This human-aligned player sends a PM to the host each night with a player's name. That player will be protected from wolfing that night phase.
Seer - This human-aligned player sends a PM to the host each night with a player's name. The host will respond telling the Seer that player's color (Wolves are red, humans are green, most specials are blue, etc. The colors of each role are explained before the game starts, if the game has a seer.)
Masons - The masons are humans who know each other.
Wolf Shaman - A wolf with the powers of the seer.

Tips, Tricks and Strategies

For Humans
- Spotting Suspicious Behavior - It is a human's job to locate the wolves, and wolves are nothing but lying humans. So how does somebody go about detecting lies? Just look for behavior that isn't normal. If a player is normally shy, but is acting frantic and domineering, there's a good chance that player is a wolf. Feel free to look through past games to see how people have acted in certain roles. If Steve is quiet as a wolf, and he's quiet now, he might very well be a wolf now. If you have nothing else, relying on precedent is a good idea.

- Interrogations - Using an instant messenger to get information out of people is extremely effective. People, and potentially wolves, will be forced to think of answers to your questions off-the-cuff, rather than being able to prepare responses. Also, it's way more extreme!

For Wolves
- The Wolf Charge - Let's say the game is nearing completion. There's 4 humans and 3 wolves remaining. The wolf charge is a strategy that uses the "Insta" mechanic to end games quickly. The wolves simply wait for any one of the humans remaining to vote for one of the other remaining humans. They might even encourage it. Once it happens, though, the three remaining wolves quickly vote for the human that was voted on. This will cause an insta, causing the human to die, causing the game to go to the wolves.

- The Bandwagon - Humans seem to be more likely to vote for a person that already has several votes on them. Because of this, if wolves vote for somebody and include semi-plausible reasoning for why they voted for that person, there's a good possibility that many humans will follow suit.

Questions, Comments and Feedback
Did I miss an integral part of the explanation of how TWG works? Is any part of this guide unclear? Should I add something, or remove something? Or maybe you just have questions on how to play. Feel free to give any kind of feedback in your posts, and I'll update this one accordingly.
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